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TAFFIE - Texas Homeschool Resources and more

TAFFIE - Texas Advocates For Freedom In Education - Texas homeschooling and resources.
Taffie is the oldest Texas homeschool mailing list and networks with homeschoolers throughout Texas and beyond. Taffie has both an announcement list for events and a general discussion list. Our website includes resources, statewide events, and support group information. New listings for support groups and events are added on a regular basis. TAFFIE also coordinates the annual Houston Rockets Homeschool DayToyota Center homeschool discounts, and  homeschool theater discounts in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

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Welcome to the TAFFIE mailing list.

The TAFFIE mailing list is for anyone interested in topics related to homeschooling in Texas. While many of the topics are specific to Texas, there is also discussion related to homeschooling in general. We are now over a decade old, making us the oldest Texas homeschooling list.

The requirement to be on the mailing list is to live in Texas or to be an honorary Texan.  If you are not sure if you live in Texas, go outside and greet the first person you see with a loud, cheerful 'Howdy pardner'. If they respond in a positive way, you may be in Texas.  If they do not respond, you may be in New York City.

Regardless of where you live, you qualify as an honorary Texan by saying
...'Howdy pardner '.

If you start your first e-mail to taffie with a 'Howdy pardner', you will become an honorary Texan (you can still go out and greet people with a loud, cheerful 'Howdy pardner' once you send the e-mail.)

If you are looking for Support Group information ,  statewide events,  or  resources you've come to the right place!

What's a Taffie?
The name comes from a group of home educators called TAFFIE (Texas Advocates for Freedom in Education).  This mailing list was formed after several of us started talking about computers at an annual TAFFIE meeting (Austin, 1993). We set up a mailing list, it grew and here we are. We are now over a decade old and are the oldest Texas homeschool mailing list. 

Help with the mailing lists

Help with the mailing list 
Instructions for subscribing and getting off the list and more. Everyone PLEASE READ before joining our list.

Tips for being a good list member 
- Netiquette, copyright information, acceptable use
*ALL List Members PLEASE READ *

Message archives - archives of current messages are available for list members only.

We have two mailing lists for taffie. The main Taffie list is for general discussions related to homeschooling and is a great source for general educational links and resources. Taffie-announce is for homeschool events and announcements only. You can join one or both lists. Most people will want to be on both lists, but if you don't have time for a discussion list, taffie-announce is a great way to keep track of events, bookfairs and field trip notices. We also run a Robotics website and discussion list. The robotics list is national and open to anyone interested in the topic. Click on the links below to join our lists.

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Join Taffie Announce List
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A great resource for those interested in robotics. Website and email discussion list. Click on the link for details and resources.

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Note: "pardner" may be pronounced "partner", but then you are sounding like a Texian from Dallas, which is ok, but you may want to perform another ceremony that involves kissing an armadillo and several other rituals (thank goodness the spitting on the sidewalk requirement was removed several years ago...).

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