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Help with the Mailing List

The PIE mailing list is for anyone interested in topics related to Italian genealogy. While many of the topics are specific to Italian genealogy, there is also discussion related to Italy in general.

Everyone should read
Tips for being a good list member - Netiquette, copyright information, acceptable use
*ALL List Members PLEASE READ * - New mail server address

This page has information on:

where to go if all else fails 

To send mail to people on the pie mailing list, send mail to the address *note new list address*
and your message will go to everyone currently subscribed to the mailing list. Be sure to use a meaningful subject line in your message.

The message will also show up on the archive which are available to member's only. Click here for details.

To subscribe to the pie mailing list, send mail to the address *note our new request address*
and put the following in the subject line:
subscribe pie

Or you can subscribe directly from this website

Only list members can post to the list, so please subscribe with whatever address you plan on sending your posts from most often.

You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to confirm your subscription. Follow instructions and soon you will be getting e-mail with the rest of us.

There is also a digest version of pie if you do not read your mail often and are concerned about getting "mailbox full" errors.
In the digest version, you still receive the same messages but instead of them being sent to you one at a time, they are bundled together as one big message on a periodic basis.

To subscribe to the digest version, check the digest setting on your subscriber request when you do it from the mailman website

To unsubscribe, send a message to,
with the following in the subject line:
  unsubscribe password
you will need your password reminder.

or you can unsubscribe via the mailman website

If that doesn't work, you can try using the message:
unsubscribe pie <the address you subscribed with>

and if that doesn't work, send me some e-mail.

If you find that you suddenly stop getting mail from the list, it may be that your e-mail is bouncing and that you have been removed from the list. Simply re-subscribe to pie when things are back to normal.

Some suggestions about posting:

Please put a subject line in all your posts. The Subject: will have [pie] in it someplace, making it easier for you to filter and the archive can do a better job of building the threads if the Subject is there.

Consider putting your e-mail address at the bottom of your post. Some strange looking addresses get generated as the mail works its way through the Internet. Some readers actually strip out the headers and the person has no idea who the post is from if there is no signature in the body of the message. It makes it easier for people to send you an individual reply also.

When quoting other people's posts, make sure NOT to include their header information and try to put the quote at the end of your post. If you put it at the start, your message may get rejected as duplicate.

try something like:

John Smith <> said:

> your quote

and only quote the relevant portions of their message.

The list software tries to filter out some administrative requests. If you send a message that has 'help with the list' or 'subscribe' or some other combination of words it's looking for in the first few lines of your message, your message will be passed on to me and I will have to forward it to the list when I get around to it.

When all else fails, send me some e-mail and tell me what's going on.

I hope you enjoy pie as much as I do. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

Last updated January 5, 2008 Italian flag Copyright 2008 Susan Frederick