Welcome to the Jefferson Software's web site.

Jefferson Software provides educational software, consulting and other services. We work with kids, teaching them computer programming. We also provide hands on experience that teaches computer related life skills. We offer technology-related classes and workshops.

We offer consulting services. Gary has a lot of experience with programming, middleware, web services and more. You can read Gary's resume to get an idea of what he has done.

We also provide resources for folks interested in various topics including homeschooling, robotics and genealogy. The resources include mailing lists and web site resources.

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Our mailing lists and website resources:

  • PIE - P.O.I.N.T.E.R.S. in e-mail - Italian genealogy and more.
    PIE is for anyone interested researching Italian genealogy. The website includes resources, tips for getting started and book recommendations from list members. Over a dozen years old now, PIE is the oldest mailing list devoted to the topic of Italian genealogy. List discussion is in English, but the list is international and includes members from the US, Canada, South America and Europe. Although most of the subjects do relate to genealogy, Italian culture, food, traditions, and travel to Italy are frequent discussion topics.

  • TAFFIE - Texas Advocates For Freedom In Education - Texas homeschooling and resources.
    Taffie has both an announcement list for events and a general discussion list. Taffie is the oldest Texas homeschool mailing list and networks with homeschoolers throughout Texas and beyond. The website includes resources, statewide events, and support group information. New listings for support groups and events are added on a regular basis. A link to events

  • Robotics - Robotics resources, Robofest and more.
    A great resource for those interested in robotics, the website and email discussion list includes resources and discussions related to competitions such as FIRST LEGO League (FLL), Robofest, VEX, JFLL, EARLY, FIRST high school robotics (FRC), and BEST. List members include homeschoolers and those interested in using robotics and technology for education purposes and those with robotics clubs from around the country. Now in it's sixth year and not limited to just Texas, it includes list members from about a dozen states plus Canada.

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