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system status

June 2011

If you were on our Mailman lists, you need to request to join the new lists. We did NOT move everyone over there. You must request to join the list. If you need instructions, contact us.

Our lists have brand new addresses to use.

Some tips

If your security setting are too high, or you have not set up filters to get mail from the lists (on providers such as sbcglobal) or if your setting are such that your default is to have mail skip your inbox that may be junk (on providers such as yahoo), you won't see any messages, not even in your junk folder.  If you are using a Earthlink verification system, that has no place on a mailing list, you won't get confirmations and it deeply annoys list members that are trying to help you and answer questions. Bottom line is don't set your system and filters too high, that is just incompatible with being a mailing list. You may need to train your system to recognize our mail and not discard it. This is something you need to do on your end, we can't adjust your email preferences for you. If you find  mail in your junk folder, tell your system it is "not junk". Adding us to your "allow" filters and address book helps.  If you need off our lists and run into problems, do NOT mark us a junk, contact us, you may mess it up for others using the same provider as you if we get marked too many times as junk.

May 2011

We have MOVED all our lists to Google Groups.

If you didn't get earlier notices for the past few months with instructions contact me

All our lists are currently active at their new locations. Come on over!

We are no longer using our Mailman lists for announcements and discussions. If you want to be part of our lists, you need to join the new lists. We did NOT automatically move everyone there.

We are aware that some of you have had issues with not getting mail, be sure to check your junk boxes for instructions and earlier notices.

We are revamping our current websites, so some information is not current there at this time.

For those interested in TAFFIE, DSM just opened an offer for us for Stomp for June shows.

Note for those who have not been getting our emails, check your personal settings for your provided to make sure they are not set too high if you want to get list mail and be sure to add the list address to your address book.