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I’m interested in using technology in my classroom, where is a good place to start?

The new Illinois Learning Standards emphasizes the use of integrated technology with the intent of enhancing academic targets and goals. The modern educator empowers students with key 21st-century skills that prepare students for post-secondary life. The first step in integrating technology is to first envision how your featured project will address NILS and curriculum objectives. Next, collaborate with your colleagues (or DCL’s) on establishing an action plan, and implementation, for success. Finally, seek out appropriate resources to connect project objectives with NILS and curriculum targets.  
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If I have a question about technology, who should I ask?

It depends on the need. If you are seeking information on hardware related issues, please notify the Educational Technology Department by using the Spiceworks JSD #117 HelpDesk Portal (click the image below). If you are interested in the integration of web-based tools or apps in your classroom, please seek the assistance of your building Digital Classroom Leader (DCL).  


Where can I find an explanation of an EdTech term?

Please refer to the Glossary page for common EdTech terms and explanations. 


How do I suggest training on a featured app or web-based tool?

Please refer to the Monthly Features page to suggest professional development and training. In addition, the Featured Apps page highlights the “App of the Month”, archived resources and scheduled training and professional development.