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Green Screen with DE Resources on the iPad

Using Discovery Education with iCab Mobile
These steps are for using the iPad app, Green Screen by Do Ink ($2.99), with Discovery Education resources. You will want to purchase the iPad app, iCab Mobile ($1.99).

1. Launch iCab Mobile
2. Log in to your DE account
3. Search for and load a movie segment. No need to play it.
4. To the right and just below the video, tap on Actions.
5. From the pop-up, choose Download
6. Choose the file quality you wish to download. 
7. A new tab will appear in your browser with this video selected. Choose this tab.
8. Tap and hold on the video.
9. Choose Download
10. A pop-up window will appear. Confirm that the video ends in .mp4 (necessary for Green Screen app). 
11. Tap OK. In the bottom row of your iCab Mobile screen, you should see a down arrow with a growing circle appearing around it. That is indicating the download progress. Once the circle is complete, tap on that circled down arrow.
12. Tap on the file you want to move to the Photos app
13. Select "Save File in Album"
14. The video should now be available in your Photos app and is available for importing into Green Screen.

Another iOS app that allows for direct downloads of DE movies is Documents 5, which is FREE.

Using Discovery Education with Documents 5
1. Launch Documents 5.
2. On the bottom right, there is a tab. Slide that tab to the left.
3. Enter
4. Log in to your DE account.
5. Search for and load a movie segment. No need to play it.
6. To the right and just below the video, tap on Actions.
7. From the pop-up, choose Download
8. Choose the file quality you wish to download. 
9. A new window appears. The video you are about to download has the name highlighted. Feel free to rename the video, but make sure to keep the .mp4 file type.
10. Tap Done to begin the download.
11. Tap the down arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to see the download in progress. A light blue line moving left to right indicates the progress.
12. Launch Green Screen by Do Ink.
13. In the layer of your choosing, tap on +.
14. Choose Video.
15. Choose Locations (upper left corner)
16. Tap on Documents. *Note: you may have to add Documents to the list. Do this by tapping on More and activating Documents. Feel free to add other locations as well.
17. Tap on Downloads.
18. Tap on the video of your choosing.
19. Tap on Use. Your video should now be loaded into the Green Screen app.

Updated 2/7/17

Here is a terrific tutorial courtesy of my friend, DENnis Grice.

YouTube Video

Here is a video tutorial of the iCab Mobile process, courtesy of my friend, Chad Lehman.

Using iCab Mobile with DE Resources

This video describes how I create a banner for display across the bottom of the green screen video. (Posted 11/18/15)


Sample Scripts to Use With Elementary Students
These scripts were created to give an example of using Discovery Education resources in the green screen process. Use this link to access sample scripts and video links for creating your own elementary newscasts. You need a Google account to access this version. The link will force you to create a copy of my slides. If you prefer to work in PowerPoint, create your copy and download as a PowerPoint.

For those without a Google account, download the pdf version.
Send me a message if you want another file type.

Terrific Resources for Green Screen in the Classroom
Resources from DEN STAR Jen Wagner
More from Jonathan Wylie (Added 3/2016) 

Green Screen Supplies

Free Stock Video Footage (Great for Green Screen)  (Added 3/2016)