HOW TO USE THIS SITE:  All staff members participating in SIM Professional Development are included as "collaborators" on this site.
  • To post documents, thoughts, comments, etc. you must be logged into your jpsonline.org email.  From your email inbox, click on the "Sites" link in the top, left corner of the window.  One of the sites listed on the page that appears should be called "JPS SIM Professional Development."  Clicking on the link "JPS SIM Professional Development" will bring you to an editable version of this page.  From there, you can visit any of the filing cabinet or discussion board pages using the links below, with the option to upload documents or create new posts.
  • To simply browse items posted by others you can visit the web address http://sites.google.com/a/jpsonline.org/sim from any computer, without being logged into your email account.  When you visit the site this way, you will not have the option to upload documents or create new posts.  However, you will be able to read everything posted by other staff members and download resources that others have posted.
Finally, if you find that you are not listed as a collaborator on this site and you would like to be, please email Kathy Keehn.  Thanks!

Click here to visit the Jenison Public Schools' SIM Leadership Team "Filing Cabinet."
This is a place for JPS teachers to upload and share documents they have used to support the SIM content enhancement routines or learning strategies in their classroom.

Click here to visit the Jenison Public Schools'
SIM Leadership Team Discussion Board.
This is a place for teachers to share their thoughts about the good, the bad, and the ugly of SIM routines or strategies in their classroom.  Don't be shy!

Click here to visit the Stratepedia Depot, where SIM resources can be shared with teachers throughout the country.  You will need to create your own (free!) account to use this site.
To join the group "Jenison Public Schools" use the password JPS46523.

Click here to visit the homepage of the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning.  This page features the Strategic Instruction Model (or SIM) and Content Literacy Continuum links, a calendar of upcoming events, "quick links" to related websites, and announcements.