Guidance Staff 

Brandon Maas  (A-G)    

Jenny Riha (H-O) 

Terry Dykstra (P-Z)   

Registrar, Carol Dyke

Contact us at (616) 667-3360

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Students are encouraged to access the Guidance Department for assistance regarding personal, social, or academic issues.  The Guidance Department also provides assistance with course options and post secondary planning including preparation for the workforce, technical schools and 2-year or 4-year institutions.  Please take advantage of the variety of written and technical references available.  Students are assigned to a counselor based upon an alphabetical listing according to the student's last name.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Guidance and counseling Department is to help students make the most of their high school years.   Students are invited to come to the Counseling Office for help in planning their schedules, learning how to study, resolving personal problems, resolving conflicts and exploring and planning for college and careers.

Statement of Disclosure:
The American Counseling Association and the American School counselor Association endorse a code of ethics for counselors which includes confidentiality of the counselor/counselee relationship.  The school counselors respect the rights and responsibilities of parents for their children and try to establish a cooperative relationship with parents in the best interest of their children. Michigan law requires counselors to report to the appropriate parties (1) suspicion of child abuse or neglect and (2) indications that the student may be a danger to himself or others.