Our firm provides services on Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian and US Law, focusing especially on solutions adapted to the reality of already established Companies and technology-based Start-ups, as well as in Finance and Digital Marketing, whether from our offices in Madrid, Badajoz, Córdoba, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera, Málaga and Murcia, or through local personalized assistance in one of the law firms with whom we have partnerships established.  

     We understand clearly that in this ever more globalized world, the true competitive edge we can offer our clients is the possibility to count on a trust-worthy intermediary who, through comprehensive and specialized services, allows them to operate on national, cross-border (within the EU) and international levels.    

    Thus, one of our most important responsibilities is to help our Clients with the exportation of their products, and with giving their businesses an international platform either by establishing them in these countries or through partnerships with other companies that are already located there.  

    All of this with the aim to maximize their resources by obtaining a higher quantity and quality of business opportunities in several international markets, saving them time and money. 

      We really want and can help you,

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