Welcome to the Jefferson Parish Alliance of Concerned Citizen's web page. The Coalition is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through the prevention and reduction of substance abuse. Check out our website and get involved!

History: The Jefferson Parish Alliance of Concerned Citizens (JPACC) was created in September 2003 by a group of representatives of organizations concerned with alcohol and drug use convened by Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul D. Connick, Jr.

Our Members: Law enforcement officers, health department officials, city council members, teachers, parents, youth, school personnel, business owners and faith leaders.

Our Goals:  are to  decrease middle school and high school use of alcohol and marijuana. We will make the community aware of prescription drug abuse problems and we will work to eliminate "head shops" in neighborhood gas stations and convenience stores.

Family Day at Manhattan Athletic Club

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Parents Guide to a Safe, Drug-Free Prom and Graduation Season

Each month we host a special presentation which focuses on the issues facing youth and families and the opportunities and organizations available to them. Please join us. All are welcome. JPACC membership is open to community volunteer members concerned with issues related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse and who are in support of JPACC's mission. Membership in the Coalition is free, and the rewards are invaluable!

The Coalition meets at 9:00 AM on the first Wednesday of each month in the District Attorney's Media Room located at 200 Derbigny Street in Gretna.