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When Joining the playgroup

1. Be Committed! This is fun for the kids so lets make it a priority to get together

2. Get involved - volunteer to host at your house or pick a location for everyone to meet.

3. Make Suggestions. Suggest ideas for adding activities for the kids to participate in during playgroup.

4. Reach Out to other members - play group is a scheduled time for us all to get together, but hopefully it will lead to a life long friendship. 

5. Keep it Civil. Be cautious and mindful about opinions shared by others and only take advice from professionals. Conversation among group members should be friendly and non-intrusive and never hurtful. If you experience or witness something that you feel needs attention, bring it up with your group leader or contact us for some help.

Playgroup Etiquette

1. If your child is not feeling well, skip the playgroup until the following week or when he/she is feeling better. Many parents are understandably concerned about little ones catching colds from others and they won't appreciate the unnecessary spreading of germs.

2. If your child is misbehaving, don’t ignore the bad behavior. Give the proper warnings and leave the playgroup if your warnings are not heeded. Join up with playgroup next week and try again.

3. Keep in mind that playgroup is for both children and their parents/caregiver. Don’t use the playgroup as a babysitting service as your attendance is essential. Watch your child very closely while having a nice conversation with a member.

4. Help clean up after playgroup both at someones house or if you are on an activity.