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Questions and Answers

How can I start using Google Sites?

Google Sites is the latest offering in the Google Apps product suite. To get started with Google Sites, please visit http://sites.google.com.  If your business or school already uses the English version of Google Apps, you will automatically have access to Google Sites in the coming weeks.

What are the features of Google Sites?

Our feature list currently includes:
  • Easy site editing that doesn't require HTML knowledge or web design skills
  • Single-click page creation
  • A growing list of page types: webpage, announcements, file cabinet
  • Several customization options to personalize your Google Site's look and feel
  • Ability to embed content from other Google properties (YouTube, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Picasa)
  • Permission settings to designate users as owners, collaborators and viewers
  • Options to keep your Google Site as private or as public as you'd like
  • Google search technology to quickly find information across Google Sites pages
  • Upload files up to 10MB in size

What kind of access options does Google Sites provide?

Each site can be shared with just a few individuals, an entire domain of users, or the world. Users with access to your Google Site can be categorized into three roles: owners, collaborators, and viewers. Owners can edit permission settings, site themes and the site chrome. Collaborators can create, edit, delete, and organize pages in the site, as well as add comments, upload files, view version history, and subscribe to site changes. And viewers can only view site content and do not have access to version history. As this product grows, we plan on including additional layers of permissions.

How much storage does Google Sites offer?

Storage size varies across different editions of Google Apps. Domains of Google Apps Standard and Team  editions receive 10GB of Google Sites storage. Premier Edition and Education Edition domains receive a minimum of 10GB, plus an additional 500MB for each user account in the domain. Google Sites is not available for users of Google Apps Partner Edition at this time.

How might a small business use Google Sites?

They can use the announcements page to update their employees on upcoming company events or industry-related news, and upload instructional guides and relevant resources to their site for everyone to access.

How might enterprises use Google Sites?

They can make it easy for employees to find each other by creating a profile site that includes a brief bio for all employees and links to their resumes, goals for the quarter, and contact information. Employees can quickly find each other with built-in Google search technology. And teams can better manage projects by embedding relevant spreadsheets, documents and presentations to their Google Site, making it the central place for their project information.

How might schools use Google Sites?

Instructors can use Google Sites to create a virtual classroom: post homework assignments and class content on a file cabinet page, and embed Picasa photo slideshows to document class activities and field trips. Students can use Google Site to create webpages for their student club or group.