What happened in Burma (Myanmar)

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September 2006

September 2007

Early October 2007

May 2008 (cyclone)

"So now monks are spreading out. We will make the next protest twenty times bigger than the last one. Which means it will be a general protest, a general strike across Burma. It will involve the whole country; all the different regions."

- U Sandawara


Ashin Kovida - escaped monk & protest leader

U Sandawara -  one of "the 4 escaped monks"

U Pan Cher -  Rangoon protest leader

Maung - revolutionary group leader 

Zaw Nyein Latt - chairman, Burma Political Prisoners' Union (BPPU)

Myint Oo - Central committee member, All Burma Students' Defense Forces (ABSDF)

A monk inside Burma speaks to Jotman 


Media and technology 

Migrant workers


Perspectives on Protest of 2007  

reports on the Hidden Crisis


"Jotman is one of the most interesting sources on the Burmese crisis."


Lighter side 

Funny jots 

Burma smile

"In at least one respect, however, Burma is a more 'futuristic' society than our own."

- Jotman 


So we are planning possible things that would force the regime to enter into dialogue – which is what we all want.

 - Maung