Cyclone Nagris, Myanmar

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Jotman on Burma

2006 Issues

2007 monk protests


Impact of Cyclone Nagris

UN says 2.5 million Burma cyclone victims at risk

"This is not the time to respect Burma's border controls"

Photos of cyclone aftermath in Bo Ga Lay

Map of cyclone ravaged Irrawaddy Delta

Burma cyclone aftermath: quotes

Burma SOS: send military helicopters, ships, cargo planes

Blogging the Burma cyclone

Death toll estimates from Burma cyclone

Burma Cyclone: Nargis rips through Rangoon

Death toll estimates from Burma cyclone


Food crisis

Burma food shortage looms: FAO issues urgent appeal

Burma agriculture devastated

Will Thailand's dream of an Asean rice cartel become reality?

Cyclone in Burma: will food scarcity and famine follow?


Criminal abuse of victims, photos

Photos of Burma Cyclone survivors - taken day before army made them leave

Burma army forced cyclone survivors to clear roadside camp

New evidence Irrawaddy Delta is a vast crime scene

Burma Military stealing aid relief

Burma rice exports continue

Burma, VOA, and Cyclone Nagris


Politics of the crisis

220,000 Dead, Missing Burmese Overwhelmingly Approve Referendum


Rejection of aid by Myanmar junta

Burma closing UN camps for cyclone victims, dumping people

Myanmar PM tells conference Myanmar will open to receive aid

Cats of Rangoon to hold party, mice invited

This is not progress

Burma junta: "We want your money, not your help"

Two US ships loaded with supplies, doing nothing

Burma slow to issue visas to UN relief workers


Response to Rejection of international aid 

Superpower prepairs to abandon cyclone victims

France surrenders?

Genocide in the Irrawaddy Delta?

Outcome of Burma cyclone donor's conference

This Burma-savvy businesssman makes cyclone relief happen

UN Secretary General visits Myanmar junta's Potemkin Village

Burma cyclone relief update

Bernard Kouchner - global citizen of the month

US and British ships ready to assist cyclone victims offshore Burma

France sends FSS Mistral to Burma

Burmese monks' message to ASEAN leaders

Cyclone victims cry for aid insurgency

Burma emergency enters its second week

Burma: the world still doesn't get it

ASEAN will not be meeting on Burma crisis until next week

Burma junta true to character

The world's disgrace, or China's choice?

Let's Roll


Continued, future impact

Burma on 8-8-08: new fears for Irrawaddy Delta

The new Burma activists

Burma food shortage looms: FAO issues urgent appeal


Geopolitical implications, afterthoughts

US humanitarian aid to Georgia (but not Burma)

ABC interviews Laura Bush: Should we have gone into Burma anyway?

Response to the two disasters markedly different