I am in love with the sweetest girl in the world... Tina. And she is mine and I am hers. Always.

I was the Help Desk Supervisor at, CMP Media, Inc. on Long Island until my boss quit in 1998. I followed her to Time Warner because she's the best boss I've ever had, and have been here ever since. My college years were spent at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. In my spare time I used to volunteer for an ambulance in New York City. I volunteered for Fair Lawn Rescue company when we lived in Fair Lawn, NJ. I hope to join New City Fire Department once I have lived here long enough to apply.

Over the past few years I have gotten to break down doors, cut open cars, entered buildings that are on fire and met former NYC Mayor Guiliani and Police Commissioner Safir more than once. Volunteering has really helped me to develop skills I would have never otherwise thought I needed. 

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