MythoSelf® Process Professional Training

Personal Performance and Leadership
Three Professional Training Modules:

  • Patterns of Personal Performance
  • Advanced Somatics
  • Advanced Semantics

If you want to change the way you (or anyone else) thinks or feels ...
you have to operate outside of the boundaries that contain thinking and feeling.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
You must learn to see the world anew.”
- Albert Einstein

The MythoSelf Process is the only personal or professional development program that we know of that focuses on the process of change through the lens of "ontology" ... i.e.: WHO YOU ARE ... instead of what you think or feel.

Program Overview:

In the , MythoSelf Process Professional Training - Personal Performance and Leadership with Joseph, he will expose the essential skills you need to transform your life, and the lives of others as well. You'll develop the skills to shift how you're thinking and feeling from negative to positive at the drop of a dime. Nothing will stop you from having a life that most others are only able to dream about, when you get this fundamental way of operating under your skin. 

The MythoSelf Process has it's origins the the work Joseph began delivering in 1995 that he called at that time, the Mythogenic Self™ Process. He presented the program internationally within the NLP (neurolinguistic programming) community to literally rave reviews.

These folks, in the international NLP community, are not typically known for their hyperbolic praise ... or their willingness to embrace new ideas that challenge their fondly held beliefs ... yet they did embrace what Joseph was presenting in this new program.

The fundamental idea was simple, i.e.:

Operating from "What Works" ...
in relation to possibility, opens the pathway to opportunity, success ...
and a living a life of complete fulfillment and satisfaction

By the end of the first day with Joseph you'll realize what's so different about this program from just about every other transformational performance program you've ever heard about before. Rather than resorting to resolving traumas from your past, you'll discover what's true of you right here and now ... and choose what you most want to become true of you in your future ... who you're in the process of becoming.

Starting by extracting the essence of what makes you tick, Joseph will expose what you need to know about yourself to perform at the absolute peak of your potential ... anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

You'll experience the precise methods master changework artists use to shift the thinking and feelings of others using the body and language in an integrated way as the basis for transformation.

When you regain direct access to your essence ... the immutable position that intrinsic to who you are, everything you've ever dreamed would be true of and for you, will come within reach for you ... again.

Once you get the methodology of the MythoSelf® Process ... under your skin and into your bones, you'll be able to access this way of being with others as well. This is where you're attention will be while Joseph leads you into and through the Soma-Semantics® model.

This is another thing that makes this program so unique ... the work we do with the body (somatics), and the way that connects through language and representational thinking to the mind (semantics).

Rather than operating as though body and mind are separate, Soma-Semantics treats the body-mind as a singularity ... one, integral, intertwined form.

It is through your body-mind that you have the experience your life ... with the knowledge you'll gain in this program that experience is guaranteed to exceed your expectations ... it will become "exquisite."

A Brief Program Summary:

MythoSelf® Process Professional training provides the most intense, experiential, transformational process currently available from Applied Behavioral Technologies Institute | Princeton.

The Personal Performance and Leadership training is organized around three four-day modules, the MythoSelf Process Transformational Seminar 
module, "Patterns of Personal Performance," presented by Joseph Riggio or a licensed and certified MythoSelf Trainer, and the specialized "Advanced Somatics" and "Advanced Semantics" training modules only presented by Dr. Joseph Riggio, Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf Process® and Soma-Semantics®.

The focus of Dr. Riggio's work and the MythoSelf
®/Soma-Sematics® training he's developed is on what he calls "Transformational Performance" - the ability to produce your intended outcomes on your own and with others, regardless of the situation or circumstance you find yourself facing, especially in times of crisis or chaos.

MythoSelf® Professional  Training is designed as an experiential program to specifically:
  • Increase the level of your personal and interpersonal performance
  • Integrate the three primary aspects required for elite performance


This tri-phasic model of POWER | CREATIVITY | INFLUENCE was designed by Dr. Riggio after years of work with elite performers including:

  • executives
  • entrepreneurs
  • entertainers
  • athletes
  • academicians
  • artists, and ...

  • professionals in a multitude of other disciplines as well

In each case, when working with elite performers, what he found was that world-class, elite performance is a function of high-levels of each characteristic being present ... as well as fully integrated access to each aspect of the model on demand, both individually and in relation to one another.

Any limitation in any of the three required characteristics of elite performance downgraded and limited overall ability of the individual to perform well in realizing their outcomes on their and/or with others. This was true regardless of how well the other one or two characteristics was developed and integrated.

Those will full access to only one of the three required characteristics of elite performance were the most limited, while those with only two of the three required characteristics were less limited overall, but significantly limited in a particular direction when working in specific situations or in relation to specific circumstances.

Only those performers who had sufficiently developed the full range of resources across all three of the POWER | CREATIVITY | INFLUENCE characteristics, and had integrated them into an accessible working model, could be counted on to be able to perform and create their desired outcomes on their own and with others. Those with sufficient personal resourcefulness could then perform in a wide variety of situations and circumstances ... even when they were severely challenged, or faced with severely limited resources.

The Core of MythoSelf® Professional Training

To become a truly world-class, elite performer ... i.e.: someone who is able to create their intended outcomes on demand, both on their own and with others ... requires first and foremost learning how to use yourself well.

In many cases this means:
  • learning to get out of your own way
  • bypassing the limitations that have prevented you from realizing your full potential, and accomplishing all you are capable of today
  • unlearning significant amounts of what you may have falsely come to believe is true or simply "the way things are" ... and
  • incorporating vast amounts of new "non-ordinary" learning
In addition to the life changing MythoSelf® Process Transformational Seminar, "Patterns of Personal Performance" - MythoSelf® Professional Training incorporates two distinctly different kinds of learning, that are highly integrated ... with a significant focus on the type of "non-ordinary" experiential learning that installs the patterns of success deeply within you

Advanced Somatics Training - will connect you directly to your body-based experience and processing patterns. With this training you'll:
  • dramatically increase your potential for personal performance
  • deepen your ability to read non-verbal signals in others
  • use non-verbal communication with others
A primary distinction of this training is the focus on unintentional or non-intentional messages that are present in the body-based communication of the individual. The work we do will also cover such things as the nature of:
  • group dynamics
  • dominance and submission
  • intimacy, touch and proximity
...  and their impact on our experience, individually and collectively. This is the hidden code of human interaction and performance.

Advanced Semantics Training - will teach you the fundamental and advanced patterns of language usage, both in terms of the recognition and application of the structural forms of transformational language, this includes things like:
  • contextual language
  • hypnotic language protocols
  • patterns of persuasion & influence
  • interpersonal dynamics & rhythmic form
  • advanced NLP meta-model & meta-program distinctions
In this training we will treat all expressions that are intentional as what we refer to as language, e.g.: words, utterances, gestures, expressions ... distinguishing them from the non-intentional non-verbal communication we focus on in Advanced Somatics Training. With this knowledge you'll be able to:
  • build profound rapport
  • elicit critical criteria and evidence strategies
  • establish trance states quickly and effectively
  • structure your language to be highly influential & persuasive
  • uncover essential motivation and decision-making strategies
  • manage the impact of your communication on yourself and others
The intention of this part of the program is to develop the awareness and skills necessary to create your outcomes on your own and with others efficiently and effectively. 

What You Can Expect From 
MythoSelf® Professional Training

After completing Personal Performance and Leadership training you will be a much more fully in control of your own experience, as well as a much, more capable, professional communicator.

The intention of this program is to develop the practical, applicable skills you need to create the outcomes you desire on your own and with others ... specifically on demand as the situations and circumstances you find yourself in emerge.

The skills you will develop go well beyond what most people are capable of, especially in terms of functioning well on the spot in high stress situations or circumstances of crisis or chaos.

Regardless of where you begin, after engaging in this training you will find that your tolerance for risk, your ability to re-orient and re-organize yourself on the spot, to perceive the essential information in the context and to act with clarity and decisiveness - regardless of the limitations on resources or intensity of the immediate moment - will be well beyond where you began, or possibly well beyond what you'd even considered as possible.

A primary outcome of all MythoSelf® Professional Process training is to dramatically impact the "threshold of resiliency" of the participants who attend it ... in fact, WE GUARANTEE* IT!

*100% Money-Back Guarantee:

If after you've completed an entire 
MythoSelf® Professional Process training program with Dr. Joseph Riggio, if you do not agree that your ability to perform on your own and with others is substantially improved we will refund 100% of your program investment - with no questions asked. 

[NOTE: The 100% Money-Back Guarantee, applies only to programs run by Dr. Joseph Riggio and covers the program investment
only and does not include a refund for the cost for travel, room and board, or personal incidentals, no refunds will be given for any program or portions of a program attended with another trainer.]

Professional MythoSelf Certification Opportunities

Personal Performance and Leadership training, including Advanced Somatics and Semantics is the preliminary requirement for both MythoSelf® and Soma-Semantics® certification.

The path to professional certification is extremely simple, but it is not necessarily easy ... in fact becoming certified as a MythoSelf
®  or Soma-Semantics® professional provider is probably one of the most challenging certification paths in the non-academic personal/professional development field. 

Beyond attending training with certified and licensed trainers, an individual intended to complete Professional MythoSelf
®/Soma-Semantics® certification must also demonstrate a high-level of commitment and applied skill. This includes both actual supervised client work, as well as intensive mentoring at the higher levels of certification.

While there is no direct path into certification training without a request to be considered, and an invitation to join, the entry point is always the same, attending Personal Performance and Leadership training, including Advanced Somatics and Semantics. During the training you may request consideration for admittance into the certification track and your performance will be regarded in relation to offering you an invitation to join. Only a licensed and certified MythoSelf®/Soma-Semantics® Trainer or Master Trainer can offer you an invitation to join certification training.

Most people who are offered an opportunity to join certification training and complete the full supervision and mentoring do eventually become licensed and certified Professional MythoSelf®/Soma-Semantics® providers, but there is no guarantee of becoming certified or licensed simply as a result of completing the training and/or the supervision and mentoring.

Society of NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification:

NLP™ certification is available to upon request, and requires an additional licensing fee due to the Society of NLP™. Completion of Personal Performance and Leadership, Advanced Somatics and Advanced Semantics Training, fulfills the NLP™ Practitioner or NLP™ Master Practitioner training requirements.

Master Practitioner certification requires previous NLP™ Practitioner certification through the Society of NLP.]

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