The artist and architect José Maluenda Razeto, born in Chile in 1981, graduated in architecture in 2007. Parallel to his studies for four years since 2004 he attended special courses in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile. Maluenda had classes with the qualified Chileans professors (Alejandra Rudolf, Alicia Aguirre, Osvaldo Peña). His main inspiration is Enrique Ordoñez, a great abstract sculptor who has dedicated his life to teaching.

 Maluenda starts with metal, creating works that were build using the concavity and convexity. He develops the first serial work “Fuselage”, using a type of metal, handmade connection . Maluenda conceives his early works from the series "Balance" and continues through the study of the line and its development in space with the works: "Deployed lines" and "Converging lines".

In 2007 the artist’s work is based on the decomposition of metal pipes used for transporting water and which have lost their utility. Maluenda designs elements and starts creating their decomposition by the union of different diameters that interact in space. He also creates a project of recycling the gas tanks not used any more. The artist conceives different interventions starting from free composition denying the straight line, and that contribute to the beauty of the landscape and harmony.

In 2010 he has his first individual exhibition in Santiago de Chile; it is called "Organic" and exposes his metal and stone works done in previous years.

In 2011 Maluenda arrives to Italy. In August he participates in the exhibition in Carrara that changes the discourse he was developing before. The work presented there, "Balance on the river", establishes a direct dialogue between the place and the viewer through reflection over the movement, sound, sculpture and water, which brings constant changes and dynamism to the work. In Carrara the artist picked from the river white marble stones, rounded and sculpted during years by the water, and made them “levitate” over the water on almost invisible threads constantly moving with the vibrations of the river.

Since November 2011 to June 2013, Maluenda studied MA in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. Finishing with his thesis entitled "Reciclarte".

Currently, he works with recycled plastic, with a strong idea regarding the decline of the sculpture as object. He is performing a constructive search for awareness of the value of the work, not because of the material that it is made of, but because of the work and effort put in the creation; often the register of the work and the process of its creation is more important than the work itself. The artist’s idea is to give to his works, by means of introducing the movement in it, the feeling that it lives and in this sense it looses its quality as an object, becoming a subject.


José Maluenda - Artist  Architect - maluenda.jm@gmail.com- 0056 959253172