Teaching Experience

Science Teacher since 1998


Brigham Young University - Bachelor of Science
Physical Science Composite with an emphasis in Chemistry, Geology, Physics (Astronomy and Meteorology), and Secondary Education Teaching

Utah Valley State College - Associate of Science
Behavioral Science Composite with an emphasis in Sociology and Psychology


I am a native Utahn who came to the teaching profession a little later in the game, at age 35, after an initial full-time career of being a radio announcer and working in the radio broadcasting industry in the 80's and 90's here in Utah. I enjoy teaching science full-time and still enjoy being a radio announcer part-time.

I have been fascinated with various aspects of science from an early age. 

Space science and Astronomy caught my interest when the Apollo 11 moon landing coincided with my 6th birthday. I remember playing with a toy rocket and space capsule in the front yard on that summer afternoon/evening and then my parents herding me and my brothers inside to watch Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin take the first steps on the moon. I watched with my family on a small black and white TV set in the front room of our house and even though the picture wasn't that great, I was glued to the screen. Seven years later on my 13th birthday, NASA lands the Viking 1 probe on Mars and sends back pictures from another planet. It's just grown from there.

Later, the adventures of Jacques Cousteau played out almost every weekend in color on the TV and along with it, for me, a growing interest in exploring the ocean environment and the biology and behavior of its creatures.

The chemistry of fireworks, the physics of extreme weather, and the geology of earthquakes and volcanoes all have influenced or impacted me in some way or another and added to my interest and fascination with science.

I hope to inspire that same interest, fascination, and more importantly, understanding of the world and universe around us through a little bit of science.