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Our office hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday.
Counseling Center Phone: 801-256-5820.
Counseling Center Fax: 801-256-5867.
Riverton Crisis Tip Line (For reporting suicidal or bullied students) 385-351-9009

You may contact us by phone or by clicking on our email links.  In an effort to keep our students and parents more informed we have added a calendar, documents on our web pages, and an upcoming events log.  We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter:  @wolfguidance .  You can also text "follow wolfguidance" to: 40404 to receive text messages on your phone. We are sending out reminders about upcoming events and deadlines. 

Needs Assessment Survey:
Every 3 years we survey our students, their parents and our faculty to determine how best to improve our counseling program and how to help our students become more college and career ready.  Your feedback is an essential part to help us improve our program. Could you please take a minute to complete our survey?  FERPA Laws require that we have your permission for your student to take this survey.  There is a view only copy if you would like to view the survey, before giving your permission.  A copy of the permission form can be accessed on the Upcoming Events Page under the Needs Assessment Survey. There are links to the parent survey, student survey and teacher survey.  We appreciate and rely on your feedback!

Junior Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCRS)

We will be holding Junior Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR) meetings during the months of February and March. During these meetings we will discuss high school credit status, high school planning, college planning, scholarships, and awards.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  This year you can set your own appointment between January 6 and January 18.  After the 18th, if you have not scheduled an appointment, one will be selected for you and your student and mailed home.  If you have trouble scheduling your appointment, please contact the counseling center at: 801-256-5820.  We look forward to meeting with you and your student.

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