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General Registration Info

REGISTRATIONS (per district rule)
will NOT be accepted UNTIL MARCH 1st.

Cost is $140/payable to R.H.S. at time of registration.
Two sessions will be held--one in June & one in July/August--see dates below.
A maximum of 40 students per class--they usually fill by mid April

  • Students must attend a minimum of 27 hours of class (can't miss).
  • Students are required to complete three 2-hour ranges & 4 road drives (45 minutes behind-the-wheel + observation time).
  • The range driving takes place in June, July, & August.
  • The road driving begins in June and continues throughout summer, fall, & into winter based upon your *eligibility date and the availability of teachers--*this date varies from student to student.
  • You must be an RHS area student--students from outside RHS boundaries may register at a later date if there are openings. Email Coach Galley if you have any questions about this--steven.galley@jordandistrict.org.
  • Students MUST turn 16 prior to October 15th of the current calendar year--no exceptions, please don't ask, it can't happen.
  • You may register for the summer class without a valid Utah Learner Permit, but MUST bring on on the first day of class.

*The "eligibility date" is the LATEST of the following three dates: 1) 6 months from the learner permit issue date, 2) 16th birthday, & 3) the final day of the classroom phase.

JUNE SESSION: 18-22, 25-26**

JULY/AUG SESSION: July 31 - Aug 3, 6-7**

Classroom sessions are 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. and

are held in Room 2626 at R.H.S.

**Parent Night is on June 19th (6-7:30 pm) in the

R.H.S. Auditorium for both June & July/Aug sessions

At least one parent & the student MUST attend.


are available below for to review/print--to open for printing, double click on the file link below the document box. Hard copies are also available in the R.H.S. Main Office on 2/19/18. REGISTRATIONS (per district rule) will NOT be accepted UNTIL MARCH 1st.

Classes will be filled strictly on a first come-first served basis.

REGISTRATIONS and payment must be submitted at the R.H.S. Main Office. Partial registrations cannot be accepted.

dredsummerREG 2018 June.docx

dredsummerREG 2018 July.docx