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    We spend the year reading different types of fiction and non-fiction. . The curriculum is developed from the new state core and will include learning reading strategies, close reading, and response to reading.  The goal is to help the students increase their reading comprehension for anything they read, whether for fun or for school.
   Every quarter there will be a project.  This can be a book review or a research project.  Each of these will relate to the unit we are working on.  They are developed in such a way as to prevent the students from "cutting and pasting" their results.  They will have to use problem solving skills and their best work to complete these projects.
    Throughout the year each student will learn and do many things including, but not limited to: increasing their reading comprehension,  comparing and contrasting different media, learning how to do research & presenting their information to the class and learning how to write effectively by using their background knowledge and pulling evidence from texts.

    Language Arts involves learning the basics of how to write well.  The new state core is also used as part of the "Learning to Write" process.  The main learning focus will be learning  how to write Argumentative Essays, Narrative Essays and Informative Essays. The 6-Traits of Writing will be included in this curriculum   The six traits are taught a little bit at a time. With each essay I will focus on a different "trait" but all of them will be taught.   They include: Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Conventions. 
    An important component of the new core curriculum is Argumentative Writing.  The students will be learning how to write effective arguments which will help them learn to take information from various sources ("evidence"), develop opinions, write about it and to eventually apply it to real life situations.

    The computer writing program UtahCompose will be used extensively.  Students will begin an essay in class, the pre-write and rough draft will be worked on in class.  Sometimes a student will need more time to finish the rough draft at home.  There will generally be one or  two days of typing on UtahCompse in class, and the essay will be due about five days later to give the students time to improve their essay even more. UtahCompose will assign a score to the student's essay.  It will also give suggestions as to sentence structure and spelling issues.  It is suggested the student continue to edit and revise until they have the highest score possible.  I will go to UtahCompose on the day the essay is due and read/evaluate the students' essays.  I will then decide if I think UtahCompose gave an appropriate score, or if the score should be raised or lowered (it is, after all, only a computer program!!).  Each student will receive a rubric so they know what is expected of them for their essays.  I will attach a copy to this website, on the Language Arts portion.

    At the end of this year testing will consist of short answer/essay test questions.  By the end of the year, they will be more than ready for this new end of year test (RISE).