Choir & Music Theory AP

Welcome to Choir & AP Music Theory at CHHS!

There are three sequential levels of classes for each type of performing music class:

Choir 1 - Mixed Choir
Choir 2 - Man Choir; Ladies Choir
Choir 3 - Concert Choir
Choir 3 (Extension) - Madrigals

In Choir the student learns how the voice functions and how to use proper vocal technique for singing.  Students' voices are trained to be used as an individual and in a choral setting with maximum efficiency and resonance.  The student also learns how to read music notation and apply that knowledge to the performance literature.  Choirs sing a variety of literature of all historical periods, genres and cultures throughout the year.

*Note: Choir 1 does not not require any previous experience.  Choir 2 requires instructor approval.  Choir 3 requires audition and/or instructor approval.

**Want to have choir in your schedule but don't know how to fit it?  Check out the "How To Make Choir Work" document in the class resources tab!

Madrigals is the equivalent of a type of "Honors" class for choral performance and requires a high level of dedication.  Emphasis is on advanced technique, chamber literature and performance.  If accepted by audition concurrent enrollment in both Concert Choir and Madrigals is required.  Madrigals is the flagship group that often represents our school at district, school and community events.  The performing calendar is especially busy during the months of December and March.

Music Theory AP:
This course goes beyond the fundamentals of music to explore how music is structured and analyzed for composition.  It is not only helpful in understanding the compositional process but also gives insight into how and why composers write the way they do and how the structure and conventions used give meaning to their works.  Instruction in ear training and sight-singing is also emphasized.  This course is designed to prepare the individual to take the Music Theory AP Test which can result in college credit.

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