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 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade

CMMS Orientation/Registration Time
February 1st -  6:00pm & 7:00pm, 2018
CMMS Auditorium
CARD DUE 2/1/18
 Registration Material Delivered:
January 23rd
During Language Arts Classes
CARD DUE 2/2/18
Registration Material Delivered:
January 24th
 During Language Arts Classes
CARD DUE 2/2/18

7th Grade Registration Card
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8th Grade Registration Card
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9th Grade Registration Card
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7th Grade Course Descriptions

8th Grade Course Descriptions
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9th Grade Course Descriptions
7th Grade Immunizations
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8th Grade Honors Application
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Language Arts Teacher Recommendation
(Mandatory to Apply to 8th Grade Honors Language Arts)
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9th Grade Honors Application
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Language Arts Teacher Recommendation 
(Mandatory to Apply to 9th Grade Honors Language Arts)
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9th Grade Summer PE Options
Check with your Counselor for details.  
There is usually an online class available,
in addition to an in-person c
Details are typically available at the beginning of March.

USTAR Classes
9th graders can also take math and science courses in the summer if they are interested.  These courses are free through the USTAR program.  Talk to your counselor for details.

Online Course Options -- Online classes are available through Jordan School District Online Courses and through the Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP).  Talk to your counselor for more information!

Secondary Course Catalogue For more information on courses offered in Jordan School District.



Online Registration is only for students who have not attended a Jordan School District School in the last year.  If you are coming from a school within the district, skip the online registration and come directly to the school.

The online part of registration may be done on a home computer or here on a school computer.  Registration will be complete only after you bring all required documents to the school (see below), pay school fees, and meet with a counselor to finalize a class schedule.


1.     Enrollment Website

Go to the "Enrollment" page on the Jordan School District (JSD) website.


2.     Home Address

Make sure your current address is in the boundaries for Copper Mountain Middle School (CMMS).

    • Find the “Boundary Locator” link on the Enrollment page.
  • Ctrl-click on the Boundary Locator link to pop it up as a new tab, click on this tab.
  • Click on the “Find your SCHOOL & BUS STOPS” icon.
  • Type in just your house number and street name and click the “Go” button.
  • Check that Copper Mountain Middle School is in the list of school names that appears.

If it is, skip to step 4.  If not, go to step 3.


3.     School Choice Info (if not in boundaries)

If your current address is NOT in Copper Mountain Middle School (CMMS) boundaries, please be aware that CMMS is currently full and not accepting students on permit.

More information can be found on the JSD Enrollment page :

  • Ctrl-click on the “School Choice/Open Enrollment” link and click that tab for more information.
  • Ask to speak with the Principal or a Vice Principal if you have more questions about your child attending CMMS.


4.     Required Documents

Though the online enrollment portion can be done from home any time, your registration will be on hold until the following documents are brought in to the school for photocopying:

i.    Proof of Residency:  a mortgage statement or rent receipt

For more info, see the JSD Enrollment page, "Proof of residency" link.  Ctrl-click the link to pop it up as a new tab and see the list of accepted documents for proof of residency.

ii.   Original Birth Certificate

If your child’s previous school was in the Jordan School District, you may provide a photocopy.  Otherwise, you must provide an original.

iii.    Photo ID

Driver license or other picture ID is required for whoever is enrolling the child.  If your name is not listed on the child's birth certificate, you must bring proof of guardianship (durable power of attorney or other court documents) in order to enroll.  Call Planning and Student Services at 801-567-8183 or 801-567-8259 between 8 am and 5 pm with any questions.

iv.   Immunization Records

Your child’s previous school or pediatrician can provide you with a copy of their immunization records.

v.    Academic Records  (Withdrawal Grades, IEP, 504)

You must formally withdraw your child from their previous school before they can enroll in a new school.  When you withdraw, you should request a complete unofficial transcript with immunizations and a copy of any IEP/504 or other accommodations.


5.     Skyward Account

On the JSD Enrollment page, Use the “Temporary Account for New Student Enrollment” icon if:

  • You do not currently have a Skyward account in the Jordan School District


  • You are not the first guardian listed on the account

(However, if you are the second guardian on an existing account, you may use the first guardian’s login rather than creating a Temporary Account).

    • If you encounter any problems, use the "Temporary Account" link and check the “I don’t have an email” box for now (your email can be added later by the school registrar when your online enrollment is complete).


6.     Login to Skyward and Complete the Online Enrollment Application

Skyward Jordan School District Link


7.     School Fees

See the School Fee Schedule for a breakdown of school fees.

You can pay fees or apply for fee waivers online or in person at the school's front office.

If you are registering part way through the school year, the front office can tell you the prorated amount of school fees you need to pay.

In your Skyward Family Access, you can pay school fees or lunch money from the “Fee Management” and “Food Service” menus on the left side of the screen.

  • To apply for a fee waiver for school fees, see both of the following:

School Fee Schedule

Fee Waiver Application

Other Fee Waiver Forms

8.     After finishing steps 1-7 you are ready to bring your documents to the school and complete the registration process.  If you would like more information about CMMS click on the School Info link. Welcome to the Colt Family!