General Information (meeting times and places)


Below is a bullet list of information pertaining to Accreditation: 
  •  Click here for your assignment.  We will be examining and assessing our own school performance, measured by the accreditation standards. Each group has participants represented by faculty from every discipline and function in the school, so that we as a group can make more informed calls on our school performance.  Please see attachment to see your group assignment. 
  • Focus Group Norms.  The accreditation team has designed the following norms that should be practiced in our focus groups.  Please become acquainted with these norms.
  • Focus group meeting times 
  • November 6th, Tuesday.   
  • November 9th. Friday.
  • November 20th, Tuesday, meeting for group leaders only.  (Media Center). 
  • December 4th, Tuesday.
  • December 7th, Friday.
  • January 4th, Friday.
  • February 1st, Friday
  • Accreditation meetings will usually take place the first Tuesday of each month and during one school directed PLC each month (to be announced). 
  • Focus group meeting locations: All groups will meet in the tech atrium for November 6th and November 9th meetings.  After these initial meetings, meeting places will be arranged by your group leader.
  • Focus group goals:  
        1.  All group participants accountable via record on Google Form spreadsheets. 
        2.  Follow the questions at the bottom of the standards and meet all ten steps in how to manage a focus group meeting:
             Click for Focus group meeting.
        3.  Finish as a group  3 to 4 principles by the end of December, the rest by the end of January.

        4.  Then, use information and collect data (surveys are already created) for the writing process (after January).