Allison Jones

US Adaptive Ski Team & US Paralympic Cycling Team

I am a full time athlete competing in Alpine Skiing and Road and Track Cycling. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Denver. I have been skiing since I was five years old and cycling competitively since I was fifteen. I am currently training for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Paralympics living in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center and skiing up in Winter Park, CO. This will be my fifth Paralympic games after competing in 2002 Salt Lake City (2 silvers), 2004 Athens (4th and 6th), 2006 Tornio (1 gold), and 2008 Beijing (1 Silver). In Beijing I was the only athlete from the US to compete in the both winter and summer Paralympics, though there are a couple of athletes for other countries but not very many. My Future goals would be to medal in two disciplines in 2010 and to go for gold in the 2012 London Games. I do plan on continuing my education with a masters degree in prosthetics and orthotics and start a career building and fabricating sports prosthetics for both competition and recreation.

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