Hello, all! I am so excited to begin this new school year with you! On this website you will find my contact information and general information about my courses.

Contact Information

Email: linsey.stitts@jonesboroschools.net

Phone: 870- 933-5881 (This is the number to the High School, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible)

Conference periods: 1st and 2nd period 7:50- 9:15 am

Parenting and Child Development

About the Class

Parenting and Child Development is a valuable learning experience for any individual that plans to become a parent or work with children in the future. We discuss the challenges related to parenting, parenting styles, teen pregnancy and prenatal development. We also learn about health, wellness, safety, and the growth and development of children.

Items You Will Need

  • Paper (loose-leaf or notebook paper is fine) and pencils
  • Folder to keep your work in

Clothing and Textiles

About the Class

Clothing Management is the perfect class to learn some useful lifelong skills for maintenance and repair of clothing and creating basic sewing projects. We also take a look at clothing throughout history and the various clothing needs that exist in our society. We end the semester learning about careers in the clothing and textile fields, and the technical skills that individuals need in order to be successful in the workforce.

Items You Will Need

  • Paper (loose-leaf or notebook paper is fine) and pencils
  • Folder to keep your work in
  • NOT required (but BONUS points promised!): If you can bring a small simple hand sewing kit (you can buy them for around $5 at Walmart), I will add 10 bonus points to the test or assignment of your choosing. We have officially begun the hand sewing unit. November 13th is the last day to bring in a sewing kit for bonus points.

This Week In Child Development and Parenting Class

Monday: We will begin making posters for pregnancy nutrition.

Tuesday/Wednesday: We will complete our posters for pregnancy nutrition.

Thursday:We will have a guest speaker, Megan Brown, from the Hope Foundation talk to us about Human Trafficking.

Friday: We will use this time to complete any missing work and make-up/redo tests if needed.

This Week In Clothing and Textiles Class

Monday: We will write/draw notes on pattern symbols.

Tuesday/Wednesday: We will go over sewing machine safety and helpful tips and tricks. Then, we will begin making small key chains/ornaments with the sewing machines.

Thursday/Friday: We will complete our small key chains/ornaments with the sewing machines.