Jonesboro Public Schools Curriculum Department
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JPS Staff, if you can not access the grade level sub-pages under the Literacy and Math tabs, please make sure you are signed in using your JPS Gmail account.  The sign in link is at the very bottom of this page. If you still do not see the grade level pages when you hover over the Literacy and Math tabs after signing in, please contact Keena Crenshaw to gain access.

The JPS Curriculum Department collaborates with parents, community and staff to provide all students high-quality learning experiences aligned with state-adopted standards.  

Standards are what we expect students to know and be able to do by the end of each grade/course.  All content areas have standards adopted by The Arkansas State Board of Education.  Visit ADE to view the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks for each content area and grade/course.

Curriculum includes everything students see, hear, and do to increase their learning… their learning experiences. Teachers have carefully selected resources and planned instruction and student learning experiences to provide students multiple opportunities for success.

Please contact us, if you would like additional information about JPS standards and curriculum.

Excellence is our standard … not our goal … for all students.

Karleen Sheets
Assistant Superintendent
 Gay Watkins
Administrative Assistant
 Lisa Cloinger
Student Data Specialist
Cindy Thompson
Director of Special Programs

Dr. Kim Anderson
District School Improvement Specialist
 Russell Stokes
District Instructional Specialist/A.P. Coordinator
 Tamera Leatherwood
District Literacy Specialist, K-6

Amy Grubb
District Literacy Specialist, 7-12
Matt McGowen
STEM/District Math Specialist, K-12
Carol Neves
STEM/District Science Specialist
Kylene Lichucki
Instructional Facilitator, Technology
Keena Crenshaw
Instructional Facilitator, Technology
Marie Gearhart
English Learners (EL)
Coordinator & Teacher
Marcia Burns
English Learners (EL)
Coordinator & Teacher

Jennifer Engelken
Instructional Facilitator, Technology
Monica Stimach
Migrant Coordinator & Tutor

Margaret Reyes
Migrant Coordinator & Tutor