Oregon State University Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez

As a public service of Oregon State University, the OSU Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez is a fun, safe and welcoming facility that exists to provide a location and facility for programming various, academic, cultural, recreational and social events related to the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic culture and heritage. It exists to support the different ethnic and cultural peoples' pursuit of their educational goals and the retention of their culture. Further, it strives to inform both the respective cultural groups and the greater university communities about issues central to the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic culture and heritage. The Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez seeks to provide an environment in which students are able to accept and appreciate their differences and also a place that encourages a sense of purpose and unity.

This web site is intended to be used as a tool for the Design of the new OSU Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez facility by Oregon State University students, faculty and staff. Content on this site does not necessarily represent the official view of Oregon State University, Jones & Jones or the project stakeholders.

For additional information about the project, please visit http://oregonstate.edu/cccc/