Oregon State University Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center

As a public service of Oregon State University, the OSU Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center is  a fun, safe and welcoming facility that exists to compliment the academic program of studies and enrich the quality of campus life for African and African-American students at Oregon State University.

Integral to the mission are the following aims:

  • Retention of African, African-American, and all students of color.
  • Provision of support services that empower and enable said students to matriculate successfully and in a timely manner.
  • Provision of leadership development opportunities.
  • Provision of a safe place for all students.
  • Development and promotion of events/activities that promote an environment in which cultural diversity is valued, and the uniqueness of the individual is respected.
  • Development and promotion of events/activities that educate all students, faculty members, and the greater Corvallis community, on the histories and issues affecting all peoples of African heritage. 

This web site is intended to be used as a tool for the Design of the new OSU Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center facility by Oregon State University students, faculty and staff. Content on this site does not necessarily represent the official view of Oregon State University, Jones & Jones or the project stakeholders.

For additional information about the project, please visit http://oregonstate.edu/bcc/