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Form 4 Additional Mathematics
1. Functions
1.1 Relations
1.2 Functions
1.3 Absolute Value Functions
1.4 Composite Functions
1.5 Inverse Functions
2. Quadratic Equations
2.1 Quadratic Equations and Their Roots
2.2 Solving Quadratic Equations
2.3 Formation of Quadratic Equations from Roots
2.4 Conditions for the type of Roots of Quadratic Equations
3. Quadratic Functions
3.1 Quadratic Functions and Their Graphs
3.2 Maximum and Minimum Values of Quadratic Functions
3.3 Sketching Graph of Quadratic Functions
3.4 Quadratic Inequalities
4. Simultaneous Equations
4.1 Simultaneous Equations in Two Unknowns: a Linear Equation and a Non-Linear Equation
4.2 Simultaneous Equations involving Real Life Situations
5. Indices and Logarithms
5.1 Indices and Law of Indices
5.2 Logarithms and Law of Logarithms
5.3 Changing the Base of Logarithms
5.4 Solving Equations that Involve Indices and Logarithms
6. Coordinate Geometry
6.1 Distance Between Two Points
6.2 Division of Line Segment
6.3 Areas of Polygons
6.4 Equations of Straight Lines
6.5 Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines
6.6 Equation of a Locus that Involves Distance Between Two Points
7. Statistics
7.1 Measures of Central Tendency
7.2 Mean, Mode and Median of Ungrouped Data (in a Frequency Table) and Grouped Data with Class Intervals
7.3 Effects of Uniform Data Changes on Measures of Central Tendency
7.4 Measures of Dispersion
7.5 Range and Interquartile Range of Grouped Data
7.6 Standard Deviation and Variance
7.7 Effects of Uniform Data Changes on Measures of Dispersion
8. Circular Measure
8.1 Radians
8.2 Length of an Arc of a Circle
8.3 Area of a Sector of a Circle
9. Differentiation
9.1 Concept of Tangents to a Curve and its Relation to Differentiation
9.2 Differentiation of the Function y=ax, Differentiation of the Sum and Difference of Algebraic Functions
9.3 Differentiation of the Products and Quotient of Algebraic Functions; Differentiation of Composite Functions; Chain Rule
9.4 Gradients of Tangents, Equations of Tangents and Normals
9.5 Second-Order Differentiation, Turning Points, Maximum and Minimum Points
9.6 Problems on Maxima and Minima
9.7 Related Rates of Change
9.8 Small Changes and Approximations
10. Solution of Triangles
10.1 Sine Rule
10.2 Cosine Rule
10.3 Areas of Triangles
10.4 Three-Dimensional Geometry
11. Index Numbers
11.1 Index Numbers
11.2 Composite Indices
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