1.  Unlike companies that offer many other services, such as grooming and boarding,                                                                                              obedience training for dogs living with families is our main focus. Wes devotes his professional                                                                          development efforts to honing his skills to meet your specific needs and your dog's personality. 


2.  Effective training is often in the details, such as an owner’s tone of voice and body language.                                                                            Our individual sessions mean you and your dog get Wes’s full attention, so he can help you                                                                              with the subtle behaviors that make a big difference.   


3.  Wes has been refining his techniques for over two decades. In that time, he’s helped many dog owners                                                            and their pups with a wide variety of issues. If your dog is having a behavior issue, he’s probably addressed                                                    it successfully in the past.


4.  Wes trains not just your dog, but also you! Consistency is a crucial part of managing your dog’s behavior, so Wes makes sure you have        the skills to keep your pup on the right path after training is over.


5.  After your pup has been trained to your satisfaction, Wes will provide free, additional coaching sessions if you'd like them later on.

6. So you can get a convenient training refresher anytime after your pup has been trained, Wes can also provide you with a custom                   video that features him working with your dog. Our clients have loved this unique feature.


7.  As native Dallasites, we are proud to be a family owned and operated company serving our  home town. Wes personally provides                  all services to ensure that we exceed your expectations. 


8.  Wes likes working with his two-legged clients as much as he likes working with dogs. Naturally patient and a great listener, he enjoys            teaching clients about dogs’ thought processes and how best to correct behavior issues with positive methods.