The John Warner School House System

“The most important thing is not winning but taking part, just as the most important thing in life is not triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not conquering but fighting well”.
Quote by: Baron Pierre de Coubertin founder of the Modern Olympic Games

Head of Houses: Mr Oliver Price

Joint Head of Houses: Jill Bertolone          
and Miss Hayley Wood-Thompson
At The John Warner School all pupils belong to one of eight houses: Barclay, Catherine, Ellis, Eleanor, Lowewood,  Macadam, Myddleton and Rawdon. The houses compete in many different sporting, cultural and other events every year. The house system is an excellent way of integrating young pupils with older students. It also gives senior students, who accept the responsibility of organising teams and events, the opportunity to exercise leadership in the school community by becoming House Captains. The House System gives students a balance between academic rigours and social aspects of school life. The system provides a sense of competition and fun through a range of school based activities
By joining in House Competitions, students not only develop their skills, but also their personal confidence and sense of belonging to the School. In short, the House System makes each student's time at school more enjoyable!
House Awards
Students that make outstanding contributions to their Houses are rewarded through the awarding of House certificates at House assemblies that take place every half term. House Colours are awarded at Prize Giving at the end of each academic year.
Every event earns House Points which are collected over the year and regularly updated on the Digital TV and House Website.
The House with the most points at the end of the year is presented with the House Trophy, which is always the highlight of the House calendar.
Charity fundraising also plays an import part in the House System and the House that raises the most money throughout the year through House Charity days or events that they have organised by each house is awarded the Charity Cup.
The House system is an important part of life and students that take part enjoy a richer variety of school experiences.

JWS Inter-House Competitions

Heads of House
Miss Keziah Todd
Miss Andrew Grewcock
Miss R Hanson
Mr Robert Schrimshaw


Year 7 Miss E Rose                  Year 8 Mr V Shah                      Teacher Responsible for House

Mrs Karen Dean-Arshadi 
Miss Jennifer Hutchings
Mr Ashley Pollard
House Assemblies take place on a regular basis in accordance with the school calendar. They are organised by the Heads of House and assisted by the Senior House Captains.



Catherine House - Champions 2016-2017

 Catherine  House have come up trumps again as they retain their Champion status for  the Inter-House Competitions 2016-2017!
Winners of the Charity Cup 2016-2017
are Ellis House

Lower School Champions
Inter-House Champions - Myddleton House
Inter-House Charity winners - Lowewood House
Congratulations to all winning Houses