Our School

John Lau International School of Taekwon-Do was founded in 1984. As named, the school is internationally recognized Taekwon-Do training centre where students are taught by a certified International Instructor in a 6,000 square feet indoor air-conditioned facility. With School rules and a well-developed training system, students will discover their hidden potential and will be able to develop to its fullest extend. With 30 years of teaching experience, Master Lau fully understands the importance of an instructor's role in the development of a student's self-discipline and self-cultivation. A clean, safe and comfortable environment is also an important component to this growth Many parents have come to improve discipline, self-confidence as well as physique, and the truth is that we can fulfill and satisfy these wishes.

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After Taekwon-Do was recognized as an Olympic event many Taekwon-Do schools with instructors from different backgrounds were opened. Before selecting a school for your children, as parents you should research and have a greater understanding in order to make the right decision. Here in our school, we emphasize MORALITY and VIRTUES. master John Lau believes that only certified and qualified instructors have the capability to train outstanding students.