Curriculum and Instruction

Johnson Creek School District Academic Standards


 Wisconsin State Legislature

(a) Annually, prior to the beginning of the school

term, notify the parents and guardians of pupils enrolled

in the school district of the pupil academic standards,

adopted under s. 118.30 (1g) (a) 1., that will be in effect

for the school year. The school board may provide the

notice required under this paragraph electronically,

including by posting the notice or a link to the pupil academic

standards on the school district’s Internet site.


(b) Annually, include as an item on the agenda of the

first school board meeting of the school year a notice that

clearly identifies the pupil academic standards adopted

by the school board under s. 118.30 (1g) (a) 1. that will

be in effect for the school year.

 2015-16 Johnson Creek Board of Education 

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