Spinnaker Pole

Yes! The pole can break!  

  • Years of stress add up, unfortunately this is a part that doesn't lend itself to being repaired very well and probably will need to be replaced.  We've had good results with Forte Carbon in CT building a custom pole using the existing fittings.  

Forte carbon (in Connecticut) built me a pole using my then existing fittings (same tack cap and blocks in the butt end). (in November 2008)
here's my post from 2010 about logistics of replacing it...big issue is the extension line...
you need to make sure to tape a long extension on the tail end before you pull the pole out!

"New pole is in! Ordered it from Offshore Spars, they have a really cool production process, 
they hand lay pre-preg Carbon, vacuum bag it, then heat cure it in a pressurized oven. Should hold up well!"