Plan for the next tax season

We all know that it is important to organize our lives.
However, it is not easy to get down to work on it.

Sorting out receipts and writing down expenses are
harder than you think. You need a certain amount of discipline.

So, I would suggest that you start with small things like saving
your business related receipts in a safe place. Since you need
substantiating evidence to prove your expenses, it is crucial
to keep all the records and related receipts.

The next step is to record transactions. Accounting softwares such
as QuickBooks or Peachtree are ideal tools to record all the business
related transactions. However, it is suffice for many people to use
spreadsheets to organize their financial affairs.

There are many spreadsheet programs you can get for free of charge.
For instance, Google offers online spreadsheet thru Google Doc
and OpenOffice offers a suite of software similar to Microsoft Office.