AMQP is an open Internet Protocol for Business Messaging


The best place to start learning about AMQP is at

Here are some very brief explanations, taken from the Web page, on what AMQP is:

  • Why AMQP?

  • Though many networking protocol needs have been addressed, a large gap exists in common guaranteed-delivery messaging middleware. AMQP fills that gap... 
  • What is AMQP?

  • AMQP enables complete interoperability for messaging middleware, both the networking protocol and the semantics of broker services are defined in AMQP. 
  • What is the AMQP model?
  • The AMQP model explicitly defines the server's semantics because interoperability demands the same semantics for any server implementation 
  • What is the wire-level format?

  • To enable technology-neutral interoperability, AMQP defines an efficient wire-level format with modern features.

You might want to take a look at the AMQP Business Requirements as they provide excellent background on the specification in general and its motivation in particular.

Why AMQP on OpenVMS?

OpenVMS has been deployed in many mission-critical and other environments for many years, with messaging being one of the primary applications. The demand for the integration of OpenVMS with other systems ---including OpenVMS---, is rising as the world demands standards-based solutions which may be deployed on practically any platform. In addition, client APIs should be available for all major languages. The advent of SOA and its associated SOI methodology has accelerated the adoption of service-oriented solutions and facilitated the modernization of existing applications; queuing provides an elegant method of combining pieces from one application with those of another, thus creating a new, composite, application.

Where do I start?

We chose to port the AMQP implementation done by iMatix called OpenAMQ.

You should download the OpenVMS kit from the AMQP on OpenVMS blog and see what you can break! Given that there are clients for just about every known language, you should be able to get your feet wet pretty quickly. Since clients and servers do not have to be on the same platform, nor written in the same languages, you can use whatever combination you are comfortable with.

There is a good tutorial on programming AMQP here 

Why not help?

Perhaps you have some spare cycles, or are wondering what you should do on long, rainy weekends? Maybe you believe in the spirit of Open Source and the longevity of the OpenVMS platform? We would love to hear from anyone that is remotely interested in helping us with this and our other projects: Libwww on OpenVMS and gSOAP on OpenVMS! Head over to the blog and let us know.

AMQP on OpenVMS Blog

There is a blog for AMQP on OpenVMS where release announcements, questions, answers (we hope), bug reports, and general information may be found.

Note: BC&JA will be making a port of RabbitMQ available in the near future.