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PhD Thesis

Here you can either view and download my thesis in its entirety, or due to the large file size I have also broken it down into a number of smaller pieces for quicker (relatively) web viewing. For an overview of the research on Uncertainty in Morphological Sediment Budgeting of Rivers presented in the thesis, see here. The full citation is:
  • Wheaton JM. 2008. Uncertainty in Morphological Sediment Budgeting of Rivers. Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Southampton, Southampton, 412 pp.
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    Part III - Case Studies

  • Chapter Six: Sulphur Creek - Event-Based Monitoring: Case of the New Year's Eve Flood
  • Chapter Seven: Mokelumne River - Long-Term Monitoring of Spawning Habitat Rehabilitation
  • Chapter Eight: River Feshie - Investigating the Dynamics of a Braided River in the Scottish Highlands
  • Part IV - Synthesis

  • Chapter Nine: Discussion and Conclusion
  • Appendices and Bibliography

  • Appendix A: River Feshie Catchment and Acknowledgments
  • Appendix B: Feshie Aerial Photography
  • Appendix C: Feshie Digital Elevation Models and Morphometric Analyses
  • Appendix D: Experiment Assessing Influence of Tilted Detail Pole
  • Appendix E: Roughness Extraction
  • Appendix F: Sulphur Creek Aerial Photos and Acknowledgments
  • Appendix G: Mokelumne River Study Site
  • Bibliography