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DoD 3.0

GCD 3.0 Beta / DoD3- DEM of Difference Uncertainty Analysis Software

What Does it Do?

The DoD3 software was developed primarily for morphological sediment budgeting in rivers. The volumetric change in storage is calculated from the difference in surface elevations from digital elevation models (DEMs) derived from repeat topographic surveys. As each DEM has an uncertain surface representation (which might vary in space and time), DoD3 provides a suite of tools for quantifying those uncertainties and propagating them through to the DEM of difference. The program also provides ways for segregating the best estimates change spatially using different types of masks. The overall suite of tools is more generically applicable to many different spatial change detection problems.

Need Help?


Thank you for downloading our DoD 3.0 Beta Software. This release was made available to accompany a paper published in Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. It is a fully functioning Matlab version of the code, which was used in the ESPL paper (Wheaton et al., 2010a),  the Wheaton (2008) thesis, and the Wheaton et al. (2010b) RRA paper. This code is provided as supplemental information with the ESPL paper so that readers can test or extend the code as they see fit for their purposes. The Maltab code was originally developed by Joe Wheaton and James Brasington.


What's Next?

See Extending DoD Software for latest developments (e.g. GCD 4.0). Due to confusion over DoD (see below) with Department of Defense, we have chagned the acronym to GCD (Geomorphic Change Detection) and renamed the software to GCD.


DoD is an acronym for DEM (digital elevation model) of Difference (not Department of Defense). DoDs are derived from repeat topographic surveys and used in change detection studies and morphological sediment budgeting.