JAM (JobAssistanceMinistry) of TheChurch.at

is a Christ-Centered ministry designed to assist in your

career transition.

  • Lost Job?
  • Getting started?
  • Returning to the workforce?
  • Need a career change?
  • Looking for employees?
JAM is here to help you work through the process of finding a new career.  Each page of this web site is part of the process, feel free to visit areas you need assistance.  We have a Career Portal to help you track your progress, applications and advice for the job search.  The link is to the left. 
Encouragment: Welcome to JAM, you will make it.  Get support and network.
Assess your Strengths: Attend nucelus class or read
Search for a Job: List of job opportunities and employers
Resume: Tips for a great resume
Network: Make your contacts count
Interviews: Practice the skills for great interviews