Short Answer Questions

There is usually two types of short answer questions on the OSSLT:
    -personal opinion and open i.e. What is the best part about being a teenager?
    -content-related (directly related to an article in the test)

Regardless of the type of question, you are required to provide three parts to your paragraph:
        -Topic sentence(s)
        -Supporting sentence(s)
        -Concluding sentence(s)

Tips and Strategies

        -If it’s an opinion question, choose a side! Don’t offer both sides…
        -Use the “Rough Notes” section to plan out your 3 sections.
        -Keep your sentences simple and short.
        -Double-check your answers to make sure:
                -Answer is one side of an opinion
                -You provided proof
                -You have a topic sentence and concluding sentence 

Try the following sample question from last year's test.  Use the space provided to submit your response.  I will do my best to send it back to you with feedback

Read the following passage first...

Short Answer Response