Reading a Graphic

There is usually a section of the OSSLT which will ask you to respond to a graphic.  A graphic is a piece of visual information which typically includes text as well.  Many students find this section of the test confusing and challenging.  The best way to tackle this section is by both practicing older versions of this section found on the EQAO website here.  

The graphic on the test...                                    
    -Usually a full page
    -Less than 150 words (something visual)
          Could be:
            -Web page

Strategies on answering questions on graphics...

First of all, most questions will be multiple choice.  BE SURE YOU REVIEW STRATEGIES ON ANSWERING MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS!  Click here.

    -Read through the entire image before looking at the             
    -Make sure you understand the image
        -Brochure (Is it a product being sold?)
        -Diagram (Is it a process being explained?)
        -Graph/Chart (What is the information being presented?)

You are being tested on your understanding of the image…not just reading it but understanding it too! 

Try this sample from last year's OSSLT.

Questions and answers can be found below.  

Here are the correct answers....

A good strategy is to ask yourself "What information were they looking for in that question?".