Multiple Choice Questions

Answering multiple choice questions can be tricky.  One one hand the correct answer is there.  On the other, it can be hidden pretty well!  

When answering a multiple choice question it is recommended that you follow a basic strategy:  

    1. Read all choices carefully.
    2. Eliminate any choices that seem obviously incorrect.
    3. Look for key words or information that relates back to the information.
    4. Try to avoid ‘distractors’ (answers that seem right except for…).
    5. Choose the most correct answer.
    6.  Double check to be sure you penciled in the write letter on the answer key!

Multiple Choice tips and strategies

When being asked questions about an image or graphic, be sure to follow this simple approach:
    -Read through the entire image before looking at the questions.
    -Make sure you understand the image
        Identify if it is a:
             -Brochure (product being sold)
             -Diagram (process being explained)
             -Graph/Chart (information being presented)

Here is a sample page from last year's OSSLT.  Read through the paragraphs and answer the following questions.  

Answer the following questions.  Correct responses can be found below.  

1. According to the selection, why did Whittaker
and Jerry make frequent stops?

    A to present their ideas
    B to buy some fast food
    C to give their van a rest
    D to obtain used cooking oil

2. Why were Whittaker and Jerry working

    F They loved fast food.
    G They grew up together.
    H They had similar beliefs.
    J They planted trees together.

3. What was the environmental benefit of the
“Driven to Sustain” project?

    A It used natural gas.
    B It reduced fuel costs.
    C It recycled a waste product.
    D It resulted in a better-smelling emission.

4. What word is closest in meaning to “convey”
as used in paragraph 7?

    F carry
    G change
    H continue
    J communicate

5. Which event described in the selection
happened first?

    A The road trip began in British Columbia.
    B Whittaker and Jerry met during the
    C A German car using alternative fuel set
    a world record.
    D Whittaker finished her university
    degree in anthropology.

Answer Key:  1.D  2. H  3.C  4.I  5.C