Swaraj Book Club-"Reader's Rendezvous"
It's the first club established in the Institute.It is a literary club emphasized on improving the reading,writing and communication skills of the students.

The key features of this club are-
  • Competitions and Activities
  • The Article Box
  • Movie Screening
  • Visit To Annual Book Fair,Delhi
  • Books
  • Workshops On Literature

In order to break the monotony , a movie screening is organized, once every two months. The movie screened vary from a work of art to the enacted theatre plays to the novels made into movies etc. The suggestions for these movies can be posted in the box as well.The club includes workshops on literature to upgrade the skills.These workshops are organized by the professionals and visiting faculties.Organized every quarter,these range from poetry to writing inspirational works,meetiing poets etc.The club regularly organize activities and college level literary competitions which include Olympiads, poetry recitals etc. Also, the club oversees the coordination of inter level literary competitions along with the teachers.