About FinVest Club:
We are a small club on campus looking to expand and reach individuals in all majors that have interest in the world of finance.
Some viewers might feel a little lost when watching movies about the world of finance like the recent Wolf of Wall Street or The Big Short, but students in JMIT’s FinVest Club don’t; even those who don’t have a background in finance or business. 
Those foreign sounding terms, the colors changing red to green and green to red, and the intricacies of the housing bubble are all familiar to them.

Aim of the Club:
Our primary goal is to effectively support students pursuing careers in finance.
The Finance Club is an effort towards developing high end qualities in students as finance professionals. The club aims to create a learning environment and enhance the skill sets of the students in the area of their interest particularly investment banking, sales and trading, private wealth management, and corporate finance.