Our school was established about forty years ago on June 7, 1975, to maintain and strengthen Japanese language skills for children who live in Boston and the surrounding communities. Under the direction of then Principal Kohichi Masubuchi, the education using Japanese started in rooms at NEC Systems Laboratory. Four months later, the classes moved to Medford High School. There were only twenty-five children when the school started; now the number exceeds seven-hundred, and the rental school building is getting crowded.

It is easy to imagine that a lot of effort was put into setting up this school, by the hands of Japanese who lived nearby, in gathering curriculum, preparing classroom, etc. I would like to express my gratitude to those who helped this school. At the same time, I appreciate the continuous support and advice from the Consulate-General of Japan in Boston, the Steering Committee, and the parents who provide transportation to children, as well as offering many volunteer activities such as the Safety Patrol and FirstAid, in order for all of our staff to engage in the education which the nearly seven-hundred students would say, "I like Japanese School! I want to go to JLS next week, too!" 

Most of our students are daily exposed to education in the English environment through public school systems and private schools. Not all of the experiences through those schools are enjoyable; each individual has to experience some hardship, overcome some troubles, then grow strong mentally and physically. 

On top of these, they have to face the learning at Japanese school on Saturdays. Many times, I hear, "There is a lot of homework at Japanese School..." But, I don't hear, "There should be less homework!" 

I can imagine that there is a lot of homework through weekday school. So, I am quite certain that the children who come to our school put extra effort and time into their learning and the school work more than other children would. 

In order to meet the requests from children and parents, with "Trust" as a motto, we would like to engage in education to raise children who would express "I like my friends!" "I like my teacher!" "I like school!" and "I like studying!" 

I welcome and look forward to meeting whomever has interest into our school's education or who may consider enrolling. 
Katsutoshi Yokoyama
Japanese Language School of Greater Boston