Registration is now open for the EARCOS workshop: Structured Word Inquiry to be held at Jakarta Intercultural School.

Join teacher and researcher Dr. Peter Bowers for this engaging, hands-on practical workshop. Learn how how educators around the world apply the principles of inquiry to the study of English spelling as a means for building vocabulary, reading and spelling knowledge. Bowers’ research on this instruction has been published in prestigious journals and his workshops for schools have been received enthusiastically around the world. 

Peter has accepted a year-long position at the prestigious Nueva School near San Francisco to bring the already established structured word inquiry in Pre-school to Grade 4 up to high school. This EARCOS workshop is one of the few public workshops outside of the Bay Area this coming year. 

Course Fee: U.S. $100.00 for EARCOS participants
   U.S. $200.00 for non-EARCOS participants
Peter Bowers Listed on EARCOS website

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