Welcome to IASAS 
Debate & Forensics 2013
at Jakarta International School!

Dear Cultural Convention Delegates and Coaches, 

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you to the annual IASAS Cultural Convention (Debate and Forensics).  Over the past months, our High School Vice Principal, Mrs. Doreen McCarthy, our High School Activities Coordinator, Ms. Rachel Nolan, our Head of Social Studies Mrs. Jennifer Olmsted and their hard working team made up from both our faculty and student body, have crafted a magnificent program of events which aims to place our IASAS students at the very heart of proceedings.  Facilities have been prepared, judges have been trained, programs have been established and protocols sharpened in order to make this event the very best it can be.

As with all IASAS events, the success of an event is not purely a result of the quality of planning and preparation.  It is also heavily influenced by the positive attitudes and spirit of engagement that each delegate brings to the sessions.  I encourage you all to embrace this event with all the energy, passion and skill that have enabled you to be chosen to represent your schools.  I can guarantee that this commitment will be rewarded many times over by enjoyment, success and amazing memories.

For the next few days, our campus is your campus.  Please avail yourselves of all we have to offer and don’t hesitate to call on us for anything you need.  You are our esteemed guests and we are here to serve.  As well, our host families are very excited to meet you and learn more about your world.  Take the time to interact frequently with your host families and add even more richness to this IASAS experience.

To all delegates, best wishes for a wonderful convention.  May your thoughts be clear, your voices strong, your wit razor sharp and your minds open.

Selamat datang!

Steve Clark 
High School Principal 
Jakarta International School