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Demonstrator Projects

 College  Description of Project Demonstrator

RVC AHEMS Reviews:

The first year veterinary students have created a database on farm placements,
using the Word Processing application in Google Docs.  The farm placement
database is edited and shared amongst the participating first year students,
to share their experiences.

For more information, please click here.
Brian Aldridge

LIDC Membership:

Abigail Deamer from the LIDC has created a database on membership
 information of all the academics working in the area of international
 development, using the Form  and Spreadsheet application in Google Docs.

For more information, please click here.

Abigail Deamer

RSS Portal:

The research PhD students are currently constructing a new RSS
(Research Students' Society) portal for the SOAS website, using Google Docs
 to help with the research and planning.  They have been using the Form
application to gather information for the research stages and the
 word processing application to exchange and edit documents.

For more information, please click here.

Desmond Thomas

Medicine's Profile Exercise:

As part of a mandatory unit, first year students from the School of Pharmacy
will be sharing group information on drug variables.   The students will be using
 all the applications in Google Docs.

David West and Carl Martin

RVC Library Spreadsheets:

Elspeth Keith has created a new database for library book suggestions
and orders for the RVC.   The book suggestion form has been placed on
the RVC intranet for all students and staff to use, and the spreadsheet is shared
amongst the RVC library team, across both campuses, Camden and Hawkshead.
The Form and Spreadsheet applications in Google Docs will be used for this

For more information, please click here.
Elspeth Keith

Easy PC Learning:

Lecturer, Dick Rayne from Birkbeck College would like to use Google Docs on the
 new Eee Pc's, for his Biology students.He is looking into ways for his students to
 complete their group work on the Eee PC laptops, as they are ideally small enough
for group lab work and light enough for outdoors fieldwork (using Google Docs
This project will be using the Spreadsheet and Google Gears (off-line)
applications in Google Docs.

For more information, please click here.
Dick Rayne

Advanced Online Collaboration:

Josh Underwood is involved in projects at the IOE, such as the VeSel Project and
 the e-Science Usability project, and has been using the basic tools in Google Docs
 for various projects, since 2006. Josh would like to explore Google Docs' advanced
features, to see if Google's latest collaborative tools can enhance his current projects
 through advanced online communication methods and techniques. 
He is particularly interested in the Spreadsheet graphs/widgets/gadgets,
as well as using Google Docs outside the office with hand held devices.

For more information, please click here.
Josh Underwood