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MyBeliefworks™ for Clearing Negative Energetic Weakness and
Strengthening Positive Belief Statements
so you can accelerate the speed of change and smooth out the bumps of life.
When you listen to these audios which come from divine guidance, your beliefs will be changed on a conscious, unconscious, DNA, past life history, soul, and all known, unknown, named and unnamed levels.

"Already listened to the Mental one. SOOOOOO many clearing statements that I've wanted, esp. on motivation, getting off my ass (you didn't really phrase it that way!), getting rid of blocks to same. Ahhhhh.  Will Rock It Out one at a time, too." - D.J.

"Listened to the Physical mp3 this morning. Those clearings have to work hard to get me right, but things are fading away!  Can't wait to dive into the Stress MBW. Maybe I should have started with it - I'm like a kid in a candy store with my Jimmy collection!!!!!!!!!!" - S.R.

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Each MyBeliefworks™ audio clearing is like having a 3 hour private session with Jimmy because they will facilitate changes for you on over 100 positive and negative belief statements for each specific topic just by listening to each 20-30 minute recording. These statements come directly from divine guidance and are encoded into each recording and will in fact change for you as you listen.

There are 4 main levels and areas that we work on:
1)  DNA level – which is just what it sounds like, cellular level down to your DNA, cells, bone marrow..
2)  Core level – which is from this life, starting at conception and continuing to the present day
3)  History level – which is from all of your past lives
4)  Soul level – which I call the spirit inside of each of us that connects back up to God

There are a multitude of others that can include parallel universes, parallel dimensions and other worlds along with what refer to as “stuff we know and stuff we don’t even know about” named and unnamed.  Ideally we want to create changes on all of these levels so that it is deep & long lasting.

The first time you listen to the audios, I suggest you be fully engaged and aware as you are laying down or sitting quietly listening You can then choose to listen multiple times at a low volume or even while sleeping as a reinforcement or refresher.  The negative beliefs will be extracted and the positive beliefs will be strengthened and reinforced to balance you out in a healthier way.

“Jimmy Mack is a genius!  I feel ten years younger, my endocrine system is miraculously balanced and I have no pain.” - K.M.

“This Physical Healing MP3 is definitely one of Jimmy Mack's best!  It is something that everyone can benefit from and is the perfect MP3 to pass on to loved-ones who are suffering from an illness.  Immediate changes can be felt, while listening the very first time!” - R.G.

“I think the sex audio is really something else. Very calming. When listening to this I felt an immediate and remarkable sense of renewal and energy. I got the impression that karma was being burned off.  Afterwards I felt very clean and clear.  I look forward to having some sex!” - K.M.

“This is my favorite Jimmy Mack MP3, yet!  I have been diagnosed with severe general and social anxiety, causing great discomfort throughout my life.  I was amazed at how I was already experiencing such positive changes as I listened to this Spiritual/Emotional/Mental MP3 and look forward to more miraculous changes to come!  The perfect MP3 to pass on to your loved ones!” - R.G.

“I have been under more stress than usual at work.  When I come home feeling anxious, overwhelmed and generally out of sorts, I use this amazing audio.  The results are sense of calm and freedom from the work problems and the clarity to find the necessary solutions.  Highly recommend!” - P.T.

"This clearing is thorough, Jimmy Mack covers every aspect of Mental/Emotional disorders. When I began listening, was feeling grouchy and by the middle I began to feel freer and lighter." - B.B.

"No matter what your hang-ups are regarding intimacy – and we all have them! – unraveling the complexities of sex from their core is the quickest way to get the results we all want. Enjoying sex isn't a given, but with this download, now it can be!" - B.B.

“I have never had difficulty falling asleep, but I do have difficulty staying asleep.  I listen to this audio at bedtime and even though I may awaken during the night, I fall back to sleep easily and am more rested in the am.  I believe that if you have trouble going to sleep, this will help - I usually fall to sleep within the first 5 minutes.  Sweet dreams!” - P.T.

"I've always had trouble with sleep; whether it was falling asleep, staying asleep, too much/lack of sleep and feeling unrested many mornings. I can finally share after listening to Jimmy's sleep audio that I enjoyed a deep sleep and woke up feeling rested and energized! I recommend this to anyone who suffers from disrupted sleep patterns and Jimmy will get you back on track so you feel your best self!!" - L.R.


Being at the Crossroads - $57
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Optimizing Transactional Space - $57
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Improving Your Sex Life - $57

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Healing Body Disorders - $57

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Healing Mental Stressors- $57
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Improving Your Sleep - $57
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Increasing Psychic Intuition- $57

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Work, Job, and Career - $57

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Healing Family Relationships- $57

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Finding Ideal Love - $47

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Chronic Pain Relief - $47

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Relieving Holiday Stress- $47

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Positive Money Mindset - $47

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Being Your Ideal Weight - $47
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Overcoming Addiction - $47

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Traveling with More Ease - $57
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More testimonials...
  • "Holy moly. I need to listen to this one DAILY! So super awesome and helpful! Appreciate all you do!" - T.H.
  • "Hi Jimmy, I love new audio MP3 download The Inside Job.  This one and money MP3 download are my favorites.  Thank you so much for your help, again, I will let you know when change manifest in my life. I will do my best. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - M.V.
  • "The work "body" concept/clearing is very powerful.  Future book topic!!! Vibrates around 560 on the Hawkins scale." ` - P.T
  • "Jimmy... I just got to say that I love you...... generous, giving Soul - when this world has a lot more Jimmy Macks running around, then we all can look forward to some higher level of humanity for saving us all from ourselves..." - J.D.
  • "Jimmy, thank you so much for the Pain MP3.  I listened to it a few times last week, then forgot about it.  I didn't notice any shift, until yesterday.  WHAM - I am walking down a long hall that would usually have been more of a struggle when I noticed that I was walking easily, freely, and with NO effort.  I haven't done any other energy work or anything that could have caused this other than your work. WOW! Thank YOU!!! The muscles in my legs have turned back on.  Still have a bit of discomfort in my knee, but it's negligible!" - J.A.
  • "I have listened to the Career audio and found it to be very effective. I felt peaceful and to have released my serious blocks and rage regarding my past and present employers.  The information was extremely comprehensive and truly covered every aspect of employment including relationships and making the right guided choices moving forward.  I am confident that I have the tools to move forward in my career right now.  Many thanks for the amazing work that provides such profound results immediately." - K.M.
  • "I was VERY impressed with the Magic 8 Ball recording.  I found myself tuning out mid-way (in a good way!) and getting in the zone.  Liked the variety of facets and angles that you took with your approach and felt like you covered everything in a thorough manner without getting the sense of being bogged down or inundated. Great job!" - B.B.
  • "This was so cool. I started listening to the love audio & by the time I was done I had a person who I haven't spoken to in a year contact me out of blue. Also, I noticed people being more complimentary towards me.Very interesting." - K.R.
  • "I forgot to tell you that my back was out yesterday and I was in moderate pain all day.  Last night, I did a little fishing and then I played the pain relief MP3 on a loop for about an hour.  When I woke up, I fished a little more to up the physical strength in the back and have been pain free all day!!!  Thanks for being you!!!! Love and hugs." -P.T.
  • "I think you covered EVERYTHING that we all go through in trying to find love, losing love, and self worth surrounding these times. Your voice is beyond soothing, comforting and empowering."- K.D
  • "Within a week of listening to Jimmy Mack's money MP3, I began to get job interviewers where recruiters were passing me up to interview for a higher level position that pays more.  Not only have I landed a great new opportunity, base pay is nearly double!" -N.C.
  • "Thank you Jimmy. I listen pain MP3 Download  3 times and I feel 80% better. I love download on pain and money. They are both super. Also I love love love Tell the fish book. Again thank you Jimmy. You rock!" -M.F.
  • "Wow! While listening to this one...I noticed pains in my joints and it hurt for a few minutes but then went away and felt better.   I noticed tingling in my legs and head like pain all over was going out of my cool! I feel lighter after done...Thank you!... Also, a few  weeks later I took a cookie pan out of the oven and dropped it onto a hand that didn't have an oven mitt.  I burned my hand pretty good to the point that it started to blister. Immediately I did the liquid fish first and then the pain mp3 second and the very next day my burns were gone . I didn't even have any pain at all. Thank you thank you thank you!- K.R.
  • "Hi Jimmy,  I wanted to let you know that I just listened to your new Ideal Weight Mp3. I could feel myself shifting from heavy (at beginning of statement) to light (end of statement) or for some statements I felt light for the whole statement.  I loved it and I'm still flying high (about 20 mins later now)!" - C.N.
  • "Hi Jimmy, I bought your MP3 recording of Money and abundance and listened to it. It was wonderful!  I feel better!" - V.M.
  • "I've noticed that the addiction recording and abundance recording have the side effect of greatly lessening PMS.  If I feel funky in the morning, I play one of the recordings for immediate relief." - A.P.

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